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Little Splashes Aquatics
Little Splashes Aquatics Little Splashes Aquatics

Learn to swim at our Indoor & Heated boutique pools where the water temperatures maintained between 31 to 33°C. Our heated pools are a perfect environment for babies, toddlers and children to learn, something which outdoor pools unsheltered from the rain and sun cannot provide.

Little Splashes Aquatics prides greatly in our high-quality and specialised syllabus. We also offer to prepare our Learn-To-Swim students for the SwimSafer™ programme, a certification that is recognised nation-wide.

Indoor & Heated Swimming Pools

Our Programmes:

• Infants ‎(‎3 -‎ 18 mths‎)‎

• Toddlers ‎(‎19 -‎ 36 mths‎)‎

• Children ‎(‎3 years & above‎)

• Pre-‎Squad ‎(‎6 -‎ 12 years‎)‎

• Adult Learn-‎To-‎Swim

• Special Needs

• Water Phobia

For bookings and other enquiries, email us at

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily